What's my age again?

May 10, 2019 - 3 min read
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I know, the key moment arrived, the turning point, the twenty-three have arrived, I know it’s not the big thing, just one super X year for most people. But for me it’s a key moment because it’s when my favorite band says that nobody is going to like you.

I have always made fun of the adults in their forties, those who dress up for a Jueves de ky and embarrass their children when they take them to school; but I am discovering that the 23 are a similar crisis(at least for me). The syndrome of Peter Pan, (which was going to be the original name of what’s my age again, the song that I’m doing all this drama for), is the fact of not maturing, not behaving like an adult person , evading problems and denying the fact that you know you’re getting older.

Now, I feel that my mental age, is not the one of a young adult of 23 years, maybe it is like a guy fresh out of school, to say some things, my favorite saga is American Pie, I really like Jackass, eat and drink as if there were no tomorrow, the black comedy and toilet humor, el bananero, the procrastination, not taking things seriously, among many others.

Should I make a change regarding my behavior?

As a young person just beginning adult life, why would I think about the change? Someone who can still get drunk, dress as I want to and have an irresponsible lifestyle, believing that I am above all. In the end the question itself comes because it is quite common to think about what I know I’m doing well and what I know I’m doing wrong, that the decisions of the present will have consequences in the future.

On the other hand there is also the obligation to be an adult, to fulfill a social construction, which forces us to have certain requirements for being “successful”, which in the end is very relative and ambiguous. By this I mean that it is usually expected of a person of my age, to be already graduated, starting his working life, with car, a girlfriend, a good looking boy, among others. This is huge topic to discuss but basically in my current situation a lot of this I do not meet or is half-hearted, which sometimes causes a feeling of failure and helplessness.

Someones birthday is something very pleasant because people remember the existence of that someone, but it also implies a blow to reality, of how much an I’m taking advantage of my youth and that I’m enjoying it.

Wrapping up

I could try to be someone else, leave and treat my non-existent beard, read books, become vegan, listen to progressive rock, drink craft beer, go to Escalante neighborhood, or I could be addicted to exercise, hire a nutritionist and believe I’m better than others because I carry a Healthy lifestyle, or maybe, you could see a series in a day, or go every Thursday to the ky.

Well leaving aside that pile of stereotypes that are quite funny and stupid, that most probably all have a little bit of one, the most important thing to grow and mature, is to be aware, that we are in a constant process of change and maybe in About 10 years, we could be the opposite of what we are now, but none of that should stop us from being able to do a retrospective of everything we have lived in the past, it made us the person we know today.

Jean Aguilar

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